Hi. I'm Gala.

I was born in Mexico city and raised on an island paradise off of Miami, FL.

I am an aspiring film director and working photographer. I was raised by a soap opera actress and a commercial photographer, so I was born to be behind the lens. Drama may be in my bloodline, but it's just the right amount to be able to make work that is unapologetically bold and unforgettable. 

Due to my background, living in a culturally diverse city and traveling to different countries in RVs with my family, I have gained a unique perspective on the world. My paradigm has shifted because of this, and will be present in all my endeavors. 

I recently moved to LA in pursuit of my dreams. Right now, I am currently gaining as many experiences and knowledge as I can, while at the same time, working on my own creative projects. If you'd like to work together, reach out to me. I am always willing to collaborate with new people.  


Thank you for stopping by.