Hi! I'm Gala, I'm a lifestyle, beauty and still life commercial photographer and director. 

I was born in Mexico City, raised in Miami, FL  by a Mexican mom and a Spanish-Venezuelan dad, and have been living in Los Angeles for the past seven years. 
I'm lucky enough to come from a creative family; my mom is a soap opera actress, my dad is a photographer and my two younger sisters are a stand-up comedian and an actress. 

We always had space for exploring our creativity and I've been assisting my dad since I was fourteen years old. I'm sure my creative inspiration comes from being raised with artists parents, and the many month long RV trips we took to corners of the world while growing up. I've always been drawn to bright colors and have portrayed that in my work, and I'm pretty sure that's my "mexican-ness" seeping out wherever it can. 

Although I've already worked in photography for ten years, I originally moved out to Los Angeles to work in the film industry and climb that ladder to eventually be a film director. I worked in film as a script supervisor for four years but eventually realized that I had a career under my belt of something I already loved and was already good at, plus it let me shoot my own work and have creative freedom. Since then I've dedicated myself full time to my photography. 

I love bringing clients’ visions to life, I'm a detailed planner and I pride myself on that, but I'm also ready to change paths and allow the spontaneous moments on set to lead the way. I particularly love mission-driven brands, and have an interest in partnering with clients and brands that seek to do good for the planet. 

When I'm not shooting, you can find me at the beach or traveling in a van with my partner, Daniel and our dog, Joaquin.

Oh! And one last thing, I'm also hearing impaired, I wear hearing aids in both my ears but I can hear you just fine as long as I'm wearing them-- which I always do. I truly believe that missing part of my hearing has helped me become more observant and see things that others usually don’t. That, or it has made me be way too positive-minded. Either way, it's a part of me but won't be a problem on set. 

Thank you for reading this and I hope we can work together soon!

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