Gala Ricote

This project is deeply personal to me. As a photographer who wears hearing aids, I set out on a journey to shed light on the transformative impact of hearing aids and cochlear implants on individuals. Through an ongoing photographic series, I explore the intimate connection between how we perceive sound and how it is visually represented. I pose a simple question to each participant: "How does sound resonate when it fills a shape without your hearing amplifier?" Inspired by their responses, I create custom backdrops that reflect their unique auditory experiences.

One participant, Mando, eloquently described the shift brought about by cochlear implants as "a transition from a black and white world to one with color."

"Amplified" honors these individuals who navigate a world enriched by sound, thanks to their amplifiers. It stands as a tribute to resilience, courage, and the transformative power of technology  to infuse their world with a symphony of sounds.

If you know someone living with hearing loss that would like to participate, please contact me!

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