Gala Ricote

This is Cristobal Valencillos, a Venezuelan production designer thriving in the vibrant world of Los Angeles. His remarkable talent for transforming empty spaces into extraordinary sets intrigued me, and I felt compelled to capture his essence through photography.

What sets Cristobal apart is not just his successful career but also his passion for personal projects involving everyday materials. He ingeniously breathes new life into the mundane, turning overlooked elements like paper, cardboard pizza boxes, and shopping bags into captivating works of art.

In my portraits of Cristobal, I aimed to spotlight his unique personal style and his identity as a creative force. His ability to find beauty in simplicity, combined with his career success, made him an inspiring subject. I used the power of photography to paint him with light, emphasizing his distinctiveness and the way he exudes creativity in every aspect of his life.

Cristobal Valencillos is undeniably one of the most creative individuals I've ever met. Through these photographs, I wanted to convey not only his career achievements but also his exceptional talent for finding beauty in the everyday.

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