Gala Ricote

Meet Jorge Ernesto Ruiz-Cano or "Eto" a visionary animator whose journey from Venezuela to the heart of the animation industry in the United States is all about following your dreams. Originally thinking of a career in law, Eto's childhood passion for Disney animation led him to art school and eventually to Walt Disney Animation Studios. As a Character Animator, he brings beloved Disney characters to life, contributing his talent to iconic films like "Ralph Breaks the Internet","Encanto", "Moana" and many others. Jorge's love for animation goes beyond just a job - it's his way of sharing stories, sparking imagination, and spreading joy. With each project, he's not just drawing; he's creating magic. Photographing Eto at his home offered a peek into the exciting world of character development and storytelling, leaving me inspired and entertained. With his unwavering dedication and a genuine love for what he does, Eto continues to push the boundaries of animation.

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